While Schools are Closed...

We are a tutoring company that offers VIRTUAL and ONE-ON-ONE tutoring.

Our teachers are some of the best in the Texas Hill Country. We're here to help students learn, study and grow together.
Catch Up & Get Ahead

During the period where students are at home from school, we are focusing on virtual and one-on-one sessions. Virtual sessions are taking place with Google Hangouts or Zoom. We can cover all the subjects, so if you have a need, reach out and we'll do our best to accommodate.








Tutoring for elementary, middle and high school students. Email us at syanes@learning-post.com to see if we can help.

Catch Up

We're here to help the student who is trying to keep up in class, who is working hard but needs extra support outside of the classroom. Staying on track now, prevents failure in the future and keeps students and parents from feeling overwhelmed.

Get Ahead

The Learning Post is also for the student looking to enrich the education they're already receiving. This student may need more challenging work, be looking to pass an AP exam, stay ahead of school curriculum or bolster that college resumé.


Why group tutoring?

Small group tutoring (maximum 5 students) inspires confidence and builds teamwork. Students have a more positive attitude towards difficult subject matter. Small groups decrease the negative connotation of tutoring and promote healthy social interaction. It also allows us to attract the most sought after teachers and compensate them well for their time.

If the tutoring isn't 1-on-1, shouldn't it be cheaper?

Most private tutoring in the Boerne area ranges from $40 - $70 per hour. $50 per session falls within the average range. Peer interaction and discussion is just as valuable as the actual tutoring itself. Experienced teachers can easily instruct a group of five students.

Where will the tutoring sessions take place?

The Learning Post is located at 136 Old San Antonio Road, Suite 306, Boerne, TX 76006. We are conveniently located between Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch. All classes will take place at this location, with the exception of Geneva Study Hall.

Why do certain sessions cost more than others?

Depending on holiday schedules, school calendars and the the day of the week the class falls on, some sessions meet more over the semester than others. All costs for the semester are based on $50 per session.

Can I come try a class before signing up?

Yes, we'd love for you to come experience our amazing teachers and visit our space, you'll fall in love both. We offer a one-time free class for sessions that have space. In order to schedule your free trial class please call: 214.808.4056 or email hello@learning-post.com.

What happens on three day weekends?

There is no tutoring for the Sunday sessions. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sessions will meet at normal times.

What if I have to miss a class?

You can miss one class per month and make up that session if there is an additional session offered for that same subject. There is no reimbursement for missed sessions. Please coordinate with your tutor if you plan on missing.

What will your child do each week?

Each session will cover classroom content in more detail. Teachers create meaningful lessons and activities to help reinforce subject matter. Each session is custom-tailored to meet the needs of your student.

Why are there Boerne ISD and Geneva only sessions?

BISD and Geneva schools use different curriculum. In order to meet the needs of students at both schools we have some sessions that are curriculum specific.

Is pricing prorated if I sign-up in the middle of the semester?

Yes. You can call (310.469.3260) or email (nicole@learning-post.com) and we'll get you signed up at a prorated rate.

Meet Our Teachers

Every tutor at The Learning Post is a certified teacher with years of experience in their subject and several are even "Teacher of the Year" award winners. The Learning Post teachers create their own notes, handouts and activities appropriate for their subject and small group.

Please note: Teachers are prohibited from tutoring students currently on their class rosters. Please do not register for a current teacher's study group.








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